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Determining a STAR Rating
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 Determining a STAR Rating
A series of guiding principles help categorise the standard of quality, attributes and amenities expected of each STAR Rating band:
Properties that typify excellence across all areas of operation. Guests will enjoy an extensive range of facilities and comprehensive or highly personalised service relevant to the accommodation type. Properties at this level will display exceptional design quality and attention to detail.
Properties which satisfy the varied and discerning needs and wants of their guests. A wide range of facilities is typically complemented by service standards that deliver a unique accommodation experience. Superior design qualities reflect the level of comfort expected by guests.

Properties that deliver service standards and a broad range of facilities or amenities that exceed above-average accommodation needs. Good quality design and physical attributes are typically fit for purpose and enhance the overall guest experience.

Properties with adequate standards of quality and a moderate range of facilities that are positioned to meet the needs of price conscious travellers. Services are typically limited to accommodate the independent traveller but may be available upon request or fee-based.

Properties that meet acceptable standards of quality and offer basic facilities without compromising cleanliness or guest security. Guests may access fee-based services or facilities upon request.

Half “STAR” Ratings indicate modest improvements in the quality and condition of a property’s facilities, amenities and services.

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